Hydra has unlimited tourist period because: Its climate in mild during the winter (From 16 c to 18 c). It is too close to Athens, Piraeus and the airports that every one can reach it in An hour or two and spend a weekend or some days of vacation in absolute calm, Listening only the song of birds, the drifting of the waves of the sea and the splash Of the oars.


If you are one of the many yachtsmen who come to Hydra for the first time and happen to find the main harbour full, you may anchor at Mandraki bay at the east to the main port, where there used to be the old ship-yard of Hydra. At Kamini, west of the main port, a small fishermen's bay. At Molos, west of the main port.An ample natural bay. From there you can use your tender boats to come to the main port and town of Hydra.


Hydra is famous for its fish and sea-fruits, because it is rocky with deep, clear water and surrounded by small islands: Lobsters, shrimps, squid, octopus, cod and red mullet are the usual catch. On the island there is a variety of 'taverns' and restaurants, snack bars, and fast food places. There are two bakeries, two croissanteries, many cafeterias and two pastry shops with varieties of ice creams, sweets, coffees and refreshments. And of course, the specialty of the island, the 'almond sweets' or 'amygdalate'. But the fish taverns are the most popular with their traditional Greek 'cuisine' and specialties. For example: Three Greek traditional dishes: Shrimp with special rice. Stuffed squid with spinach. Lamb a la kapama.


The roads along the harbor as well as the picturesque streets that lead to it offer a great variety of pubs, bars, discos, restaurants and cafeterias to please every taste and mood


Hydra provides beautiful places for fishing, diving as well as other water sports like windsurfing and water skiing in some areas. Also, walking and climbing is very popular.


There are frequent exhibitions throughout the tourist season, by well- Know international artists who live on the island.


Hydra has the best shops and workshops for jewellery, ceramics, carpets, decorative items, clothes, embroideries, local souvenirs, in reason amble prices.


During the summer, July and August, there are also weekend trips to Epidavros, where you can watch a live performance in the ancient theatre. For information concerning the above excursions please do not hesitate to ask us!


The two Greek National Holidays: the 25th of March when the War of Independence, against the Turks, Began in 1821. And 28th of October when Mussolini, the Italian dictator, asked Greece in October Of 1940 to surrender without war and the Greeks answered 'NO',  they are both celebrated with two well-known sailing races from Piraeus to Hydra.