Hydra offers its guests the opportunity, through a multitude of cultural events and activities, to be entertained and come into contact with the naval tradition of the island.

The Miaoulia is the greatest feastivity of the island which is held every year on the Saturday closest to June 21. It is a three-day event in honour of the great admiral of Hydra Andrea Maiouli for his contribution to the liberation of Greece from the Turks. Miaoulia is a wonderful opportunity and you can  attend exhibitions, lectures, musical events, theatrical performances, games, dances, the burning of the Turkish flagship and sporting events. The festivities culminate on and end with fireworks, and with the  burning of the turkish Flagship, the third and final day of events.

Another event  is the Kountourioteia celebrations which honours the first president of the Greek Republic, the Hydra Admiral Paul Kountouriotis. The Kountourioteia are celebrated on the  late August and includes a lavish six-day celebration program, which is filled with tours of the island's museums, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, book presentations and sporting events.

The Greek Orthodox Easter in Hydra is a unique experience because of the impressive Orthodox liturgy done outdoors. The prettiest and most picturesque Hydra tradition is the  Epitaph where it ends into the sea to bless the waters and pray for the wellbeing of the sailors.
The Resurrection at Easteris being done  in all churches of the island and ends with the traditional roasting lamb and burning of Judas, into a  pandemonium of fireworks and click.

At the end of the autumn period (14 November) is being celebrated the memory of the Patron Saint of Hydra, the Martyr St. Constantine of Hydra, the church built on the ruins of his home, in the place Kiafa.

Visitors also have the opportunity to participate in several traditional celebrations and festivals that keep the authentic character of Hydra, such as the celebration of the eight patron saints of the island (June 24) and the Holy Assumption religious festival in honour of the Virgin Mary.

During the Halloween, local and foreign visitors, have fun and enjoy the carnival, with parades. The paradeends at the harbor, where the partying continues until late evening.