Hydra has got a lot of beaches with rocks or sand and pebbles. You have got access to them on foot, with donkeys or sea transportation means. 

Common characteristic of these beaches are the crystal clear blue waters. Close to the harbour is a beautiful rocky area with deep blue water, called "Spilia".  It attracts many tourists every year and it is an ideal place to enjoy the panoramic harbor view. It is also a place where you can have snacks and drinks, day and night.

Near Spilia is another beautiful beach for swimming in blue waters and nice music from the bar 20 hours a day, called "Hydronetta". Just next to Hydronetta is a small pebble beach, with lights when the night come down and disco. 

Following the road next to the port we reach the place "Kamini", a small, natural, picturesque harbour full of fishing boats.  Next to it, it is "Mikro (small) Kamini", a beautiful, small, pebbled beach, ideal for water sports and small children. In Kamini there are tavernas with local food and hospitality. 

From there by walking, we reach to the place "Vlycho", which it has a beautiful beach with clean waters and white houses up to the rocks, besides the small beautiful shrine ofSaint Haralampos. You can also find local tavernas.

After 20 minutes walking and after passing a 17th century bridge, we reach the place "Palamidas", with a sand beach. There is located the Manor of Boulgaris and the ex house of Pashas.  Near the beach of Palamidas there is a place to repair boats.  After Palamidas is "Molos", a nice rocky beach. Next is "Kaoumithi", a beach with thick sand.

"Bisti" is a unique pebble organized beach 10 minutes by taxi boat and 30 minutes by regular boat, ideal for underwater fishing.  Next beach is the one of "Saint George", located between two hills with pine trees.  To the rocks up from the beach you find the Church of Saint George.

Towards the south east side of the island one can find the organized pebble beach of "Saint Nikolaos", with crystal clear waters, surrounded by pine trees, ideal for underwater diving.

To the east there is "Nisiza", another pebbled beach and following is "Klimaki", a large beach with cottages.  After cape Rigas, we reach "Limnioniza", the most beautiful pebbled beach of the south shore of the island, ideal for underwater diving. 

After 25 minutes walking distance from the main port, 7 minutes byboat, or 3 minutes by sea taxi, there is an organized beach called "Mandraki". 

Here you will also find water sports like windsurfing,skiing and beach volley.


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